CDC Loop Emerger


Tying the CDC Loop Emerger




Tied in a range of styles and with different materials, this fly has a hugely buggy appearance and suggests that struggling and vulnerable stage as a fly makes the change from nymph to dun.


I like to tie the tips long and allow them to project over the eye, giving an even busier profile. In conjunction with the wing, this makes a fantastic footprint.


Whilst a range of materials are possible, of which I will discuss more soon, this tutorial uses the following:



Hook: Partridge 15BN #18

Thread: 10/0 Powersilk, olive

Abdomen: Turkey Biot

Trailing wing: Lemon Woodduck barbs

Looped Wing: Natural CDC

Thorax: Rabbit


For more information on biots, follow the link:

'Tying with Turkey Biots'




Variations on the theme:




 A CDC Loop Emerger without the trailing wing. This is tied on a #17 hook.








A CDC Loop Emerger with a Porcupine Quill body







One with a copper tinsel tag:












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Wrap the tying thread down the hook shank to form a base.


Catch in the turkey biot and tie down the tag.



Add a layer of head cement to the thread base and carefully wind the biot forwards.


Catch in the woodduck barbs...


...and three of four CDC feathers.


Dub the thorax with rabbit guard hairs.


Now draw the CDC forwards, allowing the woodduck barbs to stay lying backwards. Form the loop wing and then pinch and loop the thread to catch in the CDC tips. Make four wraps over the tips.



Now sweep the tips backwards and give four wraps under them, behind the eye. Whip finish here too.