CDC Dun - folded wing


Tying the CDC Dun - folded wing


This dun imitation is again just a blue print. Change body & tail material, colour size etc and you have a great dun imitation. I fold the CDC wing here,and this is the same method I use to tie any of my angled CDC wings.



The short, cut stems under the wing give support and aid is ability to float. There is less waste and this method results in a neat, durable wing. This CDC will not pull out!


A durable, simple fly, I urge you to give it a try.


For the sequence opposite, the materials I have used are:


Hook: Partridge SLD

Thread: Sheer 14/0 grey

Tails: Coq de Leon

Abdomen: Peacock quill

Thorax: Squirrel

Wing: CDC












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Cast on the thread and catch in the tail fibres


Tie in the quill strip



Wind the quill body forwards


Catch in the bunch of CDC with tips alligned. Note the tips are tied over the eye.


Now pull the tips backwards and secure with the thread. You now have double the thickness of CDC.


If it looks messy, do not worry!


Dub the thread with squirrel fibres. Pick up the tips and the butts and wind a thorax under and over the wing. The CDC will sit up at a 45 degree angle.



Trim the CDC butts and whip finish behind the eye