Simple CDC Shuttlecock


Tying the Simple CDC Shuttlecock




This is a super-simple pattern. If you seek an effective, quickly tied dry fly, then look no further. I find these most useful tied on size 18 hooks and smaller. If you are new to tying with CDC then this is a good pattern to try.


They sit beautifully in the water: the wing above the surface and the body hanging beneath. The abdomen of the fly has a segmented appearance.


It works well as an olive emerger, drowned dun or a terrestrial pattern. Play about with size and colour and try dubbing the body. The tutorial opposite is the fly in its most simple form - just thread and two or three plumes of CDC. 


Fly tying at its most basic... but also most efficient!


Hook: Partridge SLD #18 and smaller

Thread: Sheer 14/0, grey

Wing and body: CDC, two or three plumes


A version woth a dubbed body:



The CDC Shuttlecock, having done its job:



For the more experienced tyer, or if you wish to experiment with CDC Emergers, then I offer another tutorial for a super effective pattern: here















































Catch in the thread


Catch two or three plumes of CDC with the tips in line


Bind down the CDC  along the hook with open thread wraps


Wind back up the body with open thread wraps. You now a have a segmented effect to the abdomen


Bring the under the wing and behind the eye


Whip finish behind the eye